Agriculture producers have a simple yet immense responsibility: feed the world. With only so much farmland available, they are challenged to use art and science to generate the greatest possible yield from every acre, every crop, and every head of cattle. Solving that puzzle requires making great operating decisions, and nothing is more essential to making great decisions than having the latest, best agricultural information.

For more than 30 years, DTN has been the most trusted provider of ag-related actionable insights. We have the industry’s most-awarded agriculture newsroom, and our weather information network has been rated the best in North America 10 years in a row. We invest in proprietary tools and methods to bring unique information and insights to the market. In short, we give producers what they need to figure out how to get the most from their efforts.

Drive Performance with Actionable Insights

MyDTN delivers access to industry-leading ag market coverage, the latest insights on market prices and strategies, the most accurate weather information, and more.

It’s the largest and most accurate ag weather network, and it produces tremendously detailed field-level forecasts and information that translates directly to value.

Increase yields and reduce losses with DTN Nitrogen’s valuable, field-based insights. Powered by Adapt-N, it helps growers target timely, in-season applications at the proper rate. They can also examine nitrogen loss over the last five seasons and uncover new ways to improve performance.

Livestock producers value this because it delivers the latest, most comprehensive information on current and historical cash prices, commodity quotes, ag and market news, and more to help them manage their business and maximize profits.

More farmers and ranchers read Progressive Farmer than any other farm magazine. For more than 130 years, our unique, award-winning coverage has helped them navigate their businesses’ ups and downs and enjoy their rural lifestyles.

Better manage your weather risks with our DTN Ag Weather Tools app. It works where you do, helping you make important weather-driven decisions that affect your yield and your bottom line.

DTN Agronomic Platform (AP) empowers your best decisions with tools that support scouting, trapping, soil sampling, crop planning, and more.

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Easily track your inventory, set goals, and make offers with this free, independent mobile app for iOS. It facilitates end-to-end grain sales on your schedule, from your smartphone. With it, you can better take advantage of short-lived market rallies.