Buying Fuel

Intra-day price changes and high market volatility have made it more difficult than ever to make successful fuel-buying decisions. There’s nothing more essential to optimizing your margins and boosting your profitability than having access to the latest, best market information.

At DTN, we deliver supplier pricing information in real-time for about 800 unique products at more than 1,900 terminals in the United States and Canada. We also manage 80 percent of North American supply chain pricing and billing transactions every day. We’ve been the preferred downstream supply chain optimization vendor for more than 25 years, and we have the solutions and the expertise to help you operate more efficiently and make better buying decisions.

Buying Fuel

Streamline your eBOLs to save time, make more money and increase operational efficiency.

Monitor the market in real-time and get data, analysis and intelligence to make the most profitable fuel buying decisions.

We’ve bundled our top fuel buying solutions to offer you the right functionality at a cost-effective price for your organization.

Get an edge in the market with the latest, most accurate, most comprehensive pricing information in the industry.

See real-time allocations, side-by-side with prices, on one, convenient screen.

Send your customers the information they need in the delivery method and format they require to communicate better and move data more quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.