Commodity Trading

Commodity market prices are currently depressed, pressured by a combination of plentiful supplies, a slowing world economy, and an expensive U.S. dollar. Powerful market data and timely analysis are important tools to help you navigate today’s markets and make your best trading decisions.

DTN delivers unparalleled commodity market news, real-time data management capabilities, and robust trading tools. We help improve your analysis with comprehensive spot, futures, and historical data. You can stay on top of market-moving events with proprietary commodity market news, plus content from leading third parties. All of that adds up to better and more profitable trading decisions.

It’s harder than ever to navigate today’s markets and make a profit. Commodity market prices are depressed, U.S. grain and other commodity supplies are plentiful, and several good growing seasons across the world have contributed to more competition. More than ever, traders need real‑time intelligence and insights that reinforce their buy and sell instincts and deliver revenue while minimizing risk.

DTN ProphetX delivers powerful and real-time market data, timely and advanced analytics, innovative productivity features, and robust trading tools, giving traders a competitive edge.

While many business professionals use market data for key tasks, not everyone needs a full-scale trading solution. That’s why we created DTN Instant Market.

Available via browser or app, it provides vital information and targeted tools for busy executives, marketers, merchandisers, accountants, logistics managers, business analysts, and others who need high-level market awareness.