Energy Trading

The energy market is currently facing many challenges, with none greater than the current record supply and depressed price of crude. In order to operate profitably, traders have had to sharpen their cost-cutting efforts and drive maximum efficiency in their organization. They also crave the most powerful market data and analysis available, so they can maximize top-line revenue and bottom-line profit by making the best trading decisions possible.

DTN delivers for traders on all fronts. We help improve your analysis with clean and comprehensive spot, futures, and historical data. You can stay on top of market-moving events with proprietary energy market news, plus content from leading third parties with our energy market data software. We also overlay all of this with sophisticated charting, proprietary rack pricing data and more features that eliminate repetitive tasks and present a single-pane-of-glass view of what you need. All of that adds up to better, more efficient, and more profitable trading decisions.

Smart energy trades are about timing and insight. They never happen without real-time intelligence that reinforces buy and sell instincts. In today’s challenging marketplace, it’s more critical than ever that these decisions pay off.

When they need the most comprehensive actionable insights on the market to help them compete against the biggest and the best, savvy traders use DTN ProphetX. It’s an easy-to-use, powerful solution with an industry-leading array of proprietary information, innovative productivity features and advanced analytics, combined with superior performance, power and reliability.

While many business professionals use market data for key tasks, not everyone needs a full-scale trading solution. That’s why we created DTN Instant Market.

Available via browser or app, it provides vital information and targeted tools for busy executives, marketers, merchandisers, accountants, logistics managers, business analysts, and others who need high-level market awareness.