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DTN leads the way with the DTN Ag Weather Station, which when combined with WeatherSentry Online Agriculture Edition provides a state-of-the-art weather-decision platform that offers hyper-local weather data and decision tools tailored to your farm or field.

The DTN Ag Weather Station records weather and soil information every 15 minutes, while most free government sources update weather information only every one to six hours. DTN collects these field weather observations continuously monitors them for quality and consistency, and generates weather forecasts trained by those observations that are 20% more accurate traditional sources of weather. These observations enable DTN to deliver unmatched weather intelligence, forecasts and actionable insights, that in turn help you meet the growing demand for your crops while protecting your business and peace of mind.

With DTN Global Agriculture Solution, you can:

  • Monitor precise and continuous weather observations for your farm or field
  • Have complete records of weather daily, weekly and seasonal weather conditions at your fingertips
  • Know what is happening above and below your plants with soil and solar conditions
  • Receive weather forecasts specific to your farm that are 20% more accurate than other sources of weather
  • Receive proactive alerts for current or forecast weather conditions so you don’t have to constantly monitor the weather conditions yourself

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