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DTN’s patented flight hazard forecast model provides flight operations with accurate advance warning of areas that may contain turbulence, icing or thunderstorms. In this enhancement we’ve added nine new flight level layers to the 13 already available across DTN’s AviationSentry, Flight Route Alerting, and data delivery platforms. That’s 70% more visibility to your operations. Gain more insight to improve flight safety, reduce the risk of aircraft damage, and help optimize fuel and operations costs. Read the release.

Global weather monitoring for safer, smoother flying

The weather can be unpredictable, stay ahead of Mother Nature and keep your passengers and crew safe with dependable weather forecasts and timely critical weather alerts anywhere in the world through AviationSentry Online Airline Edition from DTN.

AviationSentry Online Airline Edition provides you with accurate weather forecasts, industry-leading alerting, and expert driven route recommendations. Putting you, and your pilots, in control of choosing the fastest and safest routes, improving customer satisfaction and reducing instances of costly re-directs and canceled flights.

One click access to the information you need

With AviationSentry Online Airline Edition, you can easily access real-time critical weather information, including lightning, icing, turbulence, thunderstorm activity, and patented Flight Hazard data. Interactive dynamic layering technology shows your pilots and ground crews all relevant data on one full-sized screen, conveniently displayed for intelligent decision making and unmatched visualization. All of this, and more, is easily accessed and digitally displayed through today’s PCs and Smartphones.

Learn more about the industry-leading features of our AviationSentry Online Airline Edition solution here, or begin a free trial and ensure your crew and passengers always safely reach their destination.

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