Flight Route Alerting

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DTN’s patented flight hazard forecast model provides flight operations with accurate advance warning of areas that may contain turbulence, icing or thunderstorms. In this enhancement we’ve added nine new flight level layers to the 13 already available across DTN’s AviationSentry, Flight Route Alerting, and data delivery platforms. That’s 70% more visibility to your operations. Gain more insight to improve flight safety, reduce the risk of aircraft damage, and help optimize fuel and operations costs. Read the release.

Experience the power of total control of your flight plans

You can’t control the weather, but with Flight Route Alerting, you can control your flight plans. Imagine planning your routes up to 36 hours in advance, while empowering your pilots with graphically-displayed instant feedback on weather situations that could affect their flight. The Flight Route Alerting solution from DTN allows you to offer smooth sailing for your passengers and your crew.

The perfect plan

Send us your potential flight plans, weather requirements, and anticipated or potential airports, and receive instant feedback to make your flight smooth, safe, and budget friendly. You’ll have the power to choose the best route so your planes get where they need to be, when they need to be there with no turbulent incidents.

We offer continuous monitoring based on altitude, position, and time for a truly 4D experience. Routes can be updated at any time, even in-flight, and will be monitored and alerted accordingly.

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