MetConsole ATIS

For safe flights, timing is everything.

Keeping flights on time and passengers safe is the result of a shared effort—and shared information. This is best achieved by enabling air traffic controllers to focus on managing flights while automating key tasks. Implementing the MetConsole Automatic Terminal Information System (ATIS), a module of the MetConsole Aviation Weather Suite, serves this purpose perfectly. The MetConsole ATIS automates routine, non-control communication, while a VOLMET broadcasts real-time weather information to the cockpit along an aircraft’s route of flight. This reduces air traffic controller workload allowing them to spend more time engaging with departures and arrivals. It helps pilots be better prepared for takeoffs and landing. And it ensures everyone—from the flight crew to the passengers to those on the ground—is safer as a result.

Increase safety while enhancing efficiency.

MetConsole gathers data from field weather instrumentation and other ATC systems, processing the data, and transmitting by radio to the appropriate aviation users. The MetConsole ATIS automates routine operational and meteorological communication in a continuous voice and data stream, reducing controller workload and communication load. The MetConsole ATIS is fully customizable for your facility’s specific operations and is fully compliant with ICAO Annex 11, Annex 3, and Doc 9377 to help ensure you’re always meeting required guidelines and regulations.

In addition, the MetConsole ATIS is VoIP and Datalink enable, compliant with all relevant Eurocontrol standards for D-ATIS/D-VOLMET/D-DCL Services (ED-89A and ED-85A) and VoIP radio communications (ED-137B).

Leverage the benefits of automation and keep your operations safer by reducing the risk of simple human error. Don’t let your air traffic controllers get bogged down in routine communication. Automate tasks allowing them to focus on what’s most important—keeping people safe.

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