MetConsole AWOS

More accurate weather information for reliably safer flights.

When it comes to safe operations in an Airport, weather is a key element in the equation. The MetConsole Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) provides you a fully ICAO/WMO compliant tool for the timely delivery of the accurate weather information you need, to keep your airport running smoothly, and keep passengers and personnel out of harm’s way.

MetConsole AWOS is designed as a software centric solution, hardware independent and fully customizable and extensible to meet your specific needs.

This flexibility allows you to have full control of your AWOS during its whole lifecycle. Assuring you can make your system grow with your Airport, without depending on any specific manufacturer or vendor, while keeping it updated with new features and changes in the international regulations.

Data tailored to your operations.

The MetConsole AWOS includes all functionalities needed in a real-time weather observation system for airports: from gathering data from field instrumentation and other airport systems, performing all data quality processing and calculation needed to generate reportable observations, to the delivery and display of all information to each appropriate aviation user, as well as historical data storage and complete management of the system.

The system is fully customizable, from temperature trends to lightning maps, MetConsole AWOS can integrate and display any kind of information you can imagine. PPI reflectivity maps from weather radars, backscatter profiles from ceilometers or images form IP cameras are only some examples. Allowing you to setup the system as you like, configuring the screens to display any mix of information you need to better operate your system.

All incoming data is verified against ICAO and WMO recommendations as well as your airport’s unique specifications, allowing the systems to generate reliable automated reports like METAR and METREPORT.

The MetConsole platform is in continue evolution, including new functionalities to improve the capabilities of your system and adapt is to the changes in the market and international standards, so it integrates seamlessly with other air traffic management systems.

Some examples of these new features that are already available for you are: the native generation of OPMET data in XML format complying with the current definition of IWXXM and the implementation of a new algorithm for the estimation of the water level on the runway in rainy conditions..

Learn more about the industry-leading features of our Automated Weather Observation System here, or get started with a free demo.

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