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Windshear delay your operations and make takeoffs and landings challenging. And they can do much, much worse. Awareness is the key, and the MetConsole Low Level Windshear Alert System (LLWAS) can detect horizontal windshears in any weather condition, providing you with real-time alerting on gust fronts, microbursts, and downbursts. Helping you perform the most vital part of your job —keeping people safe.

One solution for All Possible Weather Conditions

The LLWAS gathers data from anemometric sensors strategically placed around your runways and processes it using the latest algorithm —the US FAA-approved Phase-III Windshear Algorithm developed by NCAR. Using a redundant central computer system to determine the location and strength of dangerous events, following ICAO Annex 3 recommendations, the LLWAS finally displays the information in the ATC tower and generates audible alerts when needed.

Customize it, Integrate it, Deploy it

As a result of sharing the core with the whole MetConsole Aviation Weather Suite, the LLWAS is fully customizable to comply with the most rigorous specifications. It is sensor independent —do not be tied to a manufacturer or a communications protocol— and it flawlessly integrate data from other sources, such as RADAR, and from other systems, such as AWOS.

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Add LiWAS to LLWAS for even more coverage. Read our white paper: A Path to Shed Light on the Windshear to learn more.

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