Predict the unpredictable for safer, more profitable operations.

When it comes to helicopter operations, changes in weather can be the difference between flying and not flying; completing a mission or rerouting it; protecting your pilots or risking their lives. RotorWatch puts the control back in your hands by integrating real-time weather and position information for your helicopters and bases, all on one screen. So you can run safer, more efficient flights, maximizing your operations while reducing risk.

Minimize risk. Maximize operations.

AviationSentry Online Helicopter Edition gives you real-time weather information. But adding RotorWatch takes it a step further by actively comparing that data against the exact locations of your in-flight and fixed assets and providing an up-to-the-minute report on a single interface. Through an exclusive layered map interface, RotorWatch provides visual alerts of weather threats to your helicopters, bases, user locations, and other destinations like hospitals, oil rigs and more. RotorWatch is also easily programmed to your operation’s thresholds and specifications, so you can make critical decisions about your flights quickly and with confidence.

Weather is unpredictable. But RotorWatch takes the guesswork out of your operations, allowing you to make informed decisions that protect both your pilots, assets and your profits.

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