Delivering a safer, stronger renewable energy future

We help the wind industry operate safely and efficiently. From keeping technicians safe from lightning strikes to improved maintenance planning, DTN helps you deliver the future of energy.

Wind energy is growing exponentially in the U.S. In fact, wind has driven over $140 billion of private investment into the U.S. economy over the last decade, while producing 100,000 new jobs. Wind farms are under pressure to grow and remain efficient while becoming a major source of modern power.

Get real-time lightning alerts sent directly to your technicians

Inspect and repair blades before lightning damage leads to more costly repair or replacement

Plan maintenance accordingly with hub height wind forecasts

DTN Wind Solutions

Operation and Maintenance

DTN provides actionable insights to your daily operational questions. When can I plan up-tower work without the risk of interruptions of thunderstorms or wind speeds that exceed allowable thresholds? When should I take a turbine out for maintenance or rent a crane? Should I remotely restart a turbine now or inspect it first?

Industry-leading decision support service that delivers highly accurate forecasts, proactive alerts, and expert-driven recommendations and visualization of severe weather on your PC or phone.

Proactively identify turbines for inspection after thunderstorms, before blade damage propagates, to avoid more costly repairs or replacements.

Best-in-class specialized forecasts, and one-on-one consultations with degreed meteorologists.