Decision Support for transportation professionals

Severe weather in any season brings risk along with it. Costly delays, vehicle damage, crew safety, communications for traffic flow and safety. Professionals responsible for public roads, traffic management, transport logistics, summer road repair and winter road maintenance, depend on accurate weather and pavement forecasts coupled with insights and decision support to plan and execute effective operations. From dynamic weather mapping to proactive location-specific alerts, you can count on DTN to keep things moving.

Most accurate precipitation and temperature forecasts for ten years in independent third party study.

Full situational intelligence in one integrated interface – Interactive maps layered with weather and pavement conditions, RWIS information, traffic camera views, traffic speeds, and more.

Weather Risk Index gives regional and operational impacts backed by professional meteorologist insight.

Optimize winter maintenance activities with integrated MDSS functionality using spatial and time based models and advanced analytics.

DTN’s comprehensive suite of products integrates all facets of road awareness into solutions designed for your segment. A customized view of the weather, gives each owner their own lens to make more confident decisions.

In hazardous weather conditions your goal is to improve road safety and mobility; schedule and manage resources; and shelter crew and drivers. Deploy DTN’s accurate pavement forecasts, RWIS data management and decision support tools to be aware of conditions impacting your plowing, road construction, bridgework, and resurfacing operations.

Citizen, employee and infrastructure safety is paramount, and public works professionals are often the first line of defense. Get DTN’s accurate weather insights and alerts for lightning, snow, extreme cold, heat, flooding and rain provide confidence for public works, public safety, streets and highway departments and emergency responders.

Weather has a significant impact on scheduling and safety of today’s highly integrated supply chain. Deploy DTN insights to optimize routes using surface route alerting to actively monitor for high wind, snow and other impactful events. Use accurate weather insights to make smarter decisions to measure risk, safety compliance, insurance claims costs, fuel usage and emissions.