A weather solution you can use to power your utility business

You can’t control the weather. But you can plan your response to it. DTN’s complete suite of insights and solutions for utilities give you the power to anticipate weather threats and outages, accurately predict load and plan generation, and optimize your network management.

Ranked most accurate precipitation and temperature forecasts 10 years in a row by leading independent third party
Consult professional meteorologists for in-depth insight within minutes, day or night
Proactively manage storm events with advanced outage prediction technology
Introducing Storm Impact Analytics

Experience the power of peace-of-mind with a trusted partner who understands Emergency Preparedness and Response. You can rest easy knowing you have the best analytics, insight and forecasting to prepare, respond and recover from a storm or outage.

Our Load Forecasting services use our #1 rated temperature and weather forecasts to provide the results and reliability needed for generation planning and successful energy trading.